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Glowing Together

Come and experience that Glow for any special occasion.


Makeover Special Event                      $40

(includes false lashes)                       

Consultation ~ Engagement photos or speciality makeup                               $50 +

New Look, New You                         $20

(includes product demo)

Glow By J Boutique

Glow By J Boutique is located inside Kandimall, Willmar Minnesota, and is currently taking appointments for your special event. Click On BOOK NOW for immediate appointments. Appointments are texted to the service provider.

Glo Skin Beauty

Is an award winning skin care & Make-up company based out of Colorado, We are an approved re-seller of this amazing product and makeup line. We use this product for our services and is available to purchase in our boutique. 


We love Moria, This product line is a fun and long lasting, that gives you that Wow! Factor. Depending on your skin and what look your going for we will use whatever it takes to make you look amazing!!

What are you waiting for...? Book online or give us a call.

Foundation Match        FREE

Come on in during business hours and let's find the right shade and skin care regimen that best suits you. Only takes a few minutes. 

Special Day without the stress

This might be one of the most significant reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your special day. Take this advice from the experienced buyers, your special day is going to be hectic and you never know what unexpected challenges might come. So sit back and relax you are in good hands.

We know what works

Special day makeup is totally a different game than everyday routine makeup. You might be pretty skilled in everyday routine makeup but believe me, when it comes to your special day you might get frustrated. Skills that professional makeup artists know to use, you might not even have heard of. They know how to keep your makeup locked in for more than 12 hours and how to look your best and still keep it natural.’

Quality Makeup Products

Here at Glow By J Boutique we use the best quality beauty products and are stocked with a lot of choices. 

Be The Center Of Attention

Because you have a relative or bridesmaid who knows how to apply cosmetics, that doesn’t mean that she will work fabulously on your wedding day. There is a chance she will have a lot of things going on and activities like to prepare herself, you won’t be her center point of attention, and your makeup may suffer as a result of it. An expert makeup artist makes it his or her business to ensure that the lady is the most important appearance of the day.

Follow her guidelines up to the wedding day, and then … relax! You’re in the guidance of an expert!